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The Fruit, The Whole Fruit and Nothing But The Fruit! 
Passion Fruit 
Cashew Apple

There are more than 30 options of Frutamil Fresh Frozen Fruit Pulp in 100g and 1kg packs and more than 10 options in 400g packs (12x4x100g). 

What the consumers say...

"I love this product, especially the Passion Fruit one is very healthy, delicious and tastes like those amazing tropical fruits. I never find anything like that in Vancouver. I was really happy when I found it. Love it! Congratulations guys" Mirella Mcgee 

"Best juice ever! Can't live without it! Easy and yummy !!!" Ana Lagana

"Frutamil is the best juice I’ve tasted here in Vancouver. It's yummy, healthy and best of all, it brings a little taste from Brazil!" Carolina Sato

"... incredibly easy and great tasting way to make perfect protein shakes..." Marty Zylstra 

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